Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Letter Z


greg scherrer said...

Not sure if I like this one so much. It's really hard to show a zeppelin without showing the whole thing from a side view, and even with some exaggeration, my zebra is just way too tiny. Oh well, maybe I'll come back to this one someday.

Darryl Young said...

This works for me, I'm impressed you came up with 3 items for 'Z'. Can't wait to see 'X'. Both are difficult letters.

Aahhhhhhhhhh....., but dear Gregory, what of..... the Z-AXIS? That which controls 3-dimensional depth in time and space? Haven't you been listening to anything at work? Your punishment: shadow animation for those 200 background kids which will be on screen for 18.5 frames and are 1/2" tall. And please don't forget the cast shadows this time.

C.U.M. F.A.R.T.
Cartoonist's Underground Movement For Artistically Revolutionary Techniques

ChewBloggers said...

the light source is UPPER RIGHT NOT UPPER LEFT>>>>!!!!!!!

nicey nice ma boy...the zipper should be on the zebra's zinger...if ya know what i mean...


Alina Chau said...

Great illustration! Love the design

bj said...

hey greg,

the 'z' objects and their placement/size work just fine for me.

excellent coloring job...


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